Babylon 5 Rewatch!

Jan 12th, 2009

Join me for a Babylon 5 rewatch! Babylon 5 is coming up on the 15th year anniversary of the series launch. Watch all the episodes in order with me. Your assignment this week is to go out and watch the pilot movie “Babylon 5: The Gathering” (originally aired February 22nd, 1993). Next Monday (January 19th) […]

Babylon 5 is open for business!

Jan 19th, 2009

If you haven’t watched the Babylon 5 pilot “Babylon 5: The Gathering” yet, then go do that now (on Hulu, with commercials). It’s OK, I’ll wait… The ambassador from Vorlon survives an attempted assassination soon after landing on the Babylon 5 space station. The hunt for a prime suspect turns up the unexpected. I watched […]

Babylon 5: Midnight on the Firing Line

Jan 26th, 2009

Almost a full year after the Babylon 5 pilot, the series premiered on this day, January 26th, 1994: “Midnight on the Firing Line” (on Hulu, with commercials). When the Narn attack a Centauri colony, Londo and G’Kar nearly come to blows. Meanwhile, raiders are attacking transport ships near the station. Notable quote: Sinclair: We’ve had […]