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Space Westerns Magazine provides the flexibility and freedom to reach fans of Space Westerns, Space Opera, Steampunk, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, and many other fandoms.

We feel that advertising is content and as such it should be just as relevant to the audience of this site as any story, article, review, or news items that we publish on it. All products, services, and events advertised herein should appeal to our readers. We allow our readers control over whether or not they actually see ads; By only showing ads to our readers if they want to see them we will save your time, our time, and the time of our readers.

We want our subscribers to be just as excited for our ad content as they our for our regular content. We vet our ads specifically to be of interest to our readers, because of their interest in Space Westerns. By being very choosy about the ads that we show we’re confident that when we do show ads to our readers that they can be confident that it will be an ad for something that they will be interested in.

Contact N.E. Lilly for more information about advertising on Space Westerns Magazine.

Banner Advertising

All advertisers receive a spot in the Marketplace.

The Bazar (only)

Located in the Bazar section on the home page. (Standard IAB Unit 300 × 250): $32.00 USD/month


Located at the top of most pages, except for the Articles (Standard IAB Unit 728 × 90, up to 728 × 240): $69.00 USD/month

Main Index

Located on the main page in the primary column (Standard IAB Unit 468 × 60, up to 667 × 375): $44.00 USD/month

Medium Rectangle

Located in the sidebar throughout the site. (Standard IAB Unit 300 × 250): $56.00 USD/month

Ad Creation

If you require assistance in creating your Static Banner ad, we charge $50 per hour for design and layout (minimum charge is $50).

If you require assistance in creating your Media/Interactive Banner ad, we charge $90 per hour for design and production (minimum charge is $90).


We offer several sponsorships that allow you to interact more directly with our visitors.

Site Sponsor

This entails the addition of skins and gutters (1280 × 1849 custom unit integrated into the background), adding your brand colors, the creation of a custom 1024 × 1538 micro-site, additional media (rich media 300 × 600 tall banners). In addition, one of several mascots will represent your wares through the Space Westerns Magazine website.

Newsletter Sponsorship: Space Western Roundup Weekly

Space Western Roundup is a weekly newsletter with approximately 100+ subscribers.

Placement near top (text ads or 468 × 200 area)
$20 for 2 issues. $28 for 3 issues. $35 for 4 issues. 5 lines, max 75 characters (including spaces) per line. Minimum Order: 2 issues.
Placement at bottom (text ads or 468 × 200 area)
$12 for 2 issues. $15 for 3 issues. $18 for 4 issues. 5 lines, max 75 characters (including spaces) per line. Minimum Order: 2 issues.

Audio Channel/podCast Sponsorship

Sponsoring an individual podCast or dramatic reading and receive either a spoken announcement during the podCast, or your audio ad appended to the end of our podCast file.


Search terms used to find Space Westerns Magazine included: Space Westerns (and variations: Space Opera, Westerns in Space, Weird Westerns, etc.), Space Cowboys, Jet Black Berries, Science Fiction Trails, Space fiction stories, Western sub-genres, Bat Durston, and specific authors (David B. Riley, G. Richard Bozarth, etc.) among others.