A Space Western Glossary

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A glossary of terms useful in understanding the Space Western genre and Space Western adjacent works.

Bat Durston

A Western transposed into outer-space. Specifically a story that went to lengths to hide the Western origins. Derived from the name of the main character appearing in the Galaxy Magazine back covers.


Jets blasting, Bat Durston came screeching down through the atmosphere of Bbllzznaj, a tiny planet seven billion light years from Sol. He cut out his super-hyper-drive for the landing . . . and at that point, a tall, lean spaceman stepped out of the tail assembly, proton gun-blaster in a space-tanned hand.

“Get back from those controls, Bat Durston,” the tall stranger lipped thinly. “You don’t know it, but this is your last space trip.” Hoofs drumming, Bat Durston came galloping down through the narrow pass at Eagle Gulch, a tiny gold colony 400 miles north of Tombstone. He spurred hard for a low overhang of rim-rock . . . and at that point a tall, lean wrangler stepped out from behind a high boulder, six-shooter in a sun-tanned hand.

“Rear back and dismount, Bat Durston,” the tall stranger lipped thinly. “You don’t know it, but this is your last saddle-jaunt through these here parts.”

Sound alike? They should - one is merely a western transplanted to
some alien and impossible planet. If this is your idea of science fiction,
you’re welcome to it! YOU’LL NEVER FIND IT IN GALAXY!

What you will find in GALAXY is the finest science fiction ...authentic,
plausible, thoughtful... written by authors who do not automatically
switch over from crime waves to Earth invasions; by people who know
and love science fiction...for people who also know and love it. Bat Durston ad, Galaxy Magazine October 1950

Space Opera

Space Opera is to Science Fiction what Horse Opera is to Westerns. Coined in 1941 by Bob Tucker in his fanzine Le Zombie to mean a “hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn space-ship yarn.”

SUGGESTION DEPT: In these hectic days of phrase-coining, we offer one. Westerns are called “horse operas”, the morning housewife tear-jerkers are called “soap operas”. For the hacky, grinding, stinking, outworn space-ship yarn, or world-saving for that matter, we offer “space opera”Definition of Space Opera, LE ZOMBIE #36, Bob Tucker 1941
space opera (Tucker) - A hack science-fiction story, a dressed-up western; so called by analogy with “horse opera” for Western bangingshootemup movies and “soap opera” for radio yellowdramas.Definition of Space Opera, Fancyclopedia I, 1944