If you haven’t watched the Babylon 5 pilot “Babylon 5: The Gathering” yet, then go do that now (on Hulu, with commercials).

It’s OK, I’ll wait…

The ambassador from Vorlon survives an attempted assassination soon after landing on the Babylon 5 space station. The hunt for a prime suspect turns up the unexpected.

I watched the original pilot when it first came on in 1993. Also premiering that year were Space Rangers, and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Your thoughts?

[Since some people are just being introduced to Babylon 5 through this rewatch, here’s a quick spoiler policy]

Don’t post about events that happen after the show that we’re currently watching.

[Next week’s episode, the season 1 premiere: Midnight on the Firing Line]

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  1. tim says:

    Of those three, I found “The Gathering” passing fair. (Though I must admit I didn’t see it until some years later.) The DS9 premiere, “The Emissary”, was far more compelling. “Space Rangers” just looked cheap.

    It was “Midnight on the Firing Line” that showed me that B5 was a contender against the Star Trek juggernaut.

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