More Influential Space Westerns?

posted by N.E. Lilly on October 27th, 2009

Since running the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns article I’ve been contacted about a number of other works that should probably be included on the list (if not in the top 10, then at least in the top 20). Works have been recommended such as Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love, and Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, as well as the movies Outland and Pitch Black, among others. So… if there were to be an expanded list of the Most Influential Space Westerns, which works would you nominate to be on it?

The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

posted by N.E. Lilly on June 21st, 2009

While the magazine has languished these past few months, we’re feeling much better.

We mean to clear out our old slush just as soon as we possibly can, and get back onto our weekly publishing schedule. To this end, we’re looking for a Deputy Editor, and an Art Scout. If you’re interested in one of these volunteer positions send an e-mail to the with the following information: your name (full, penname, and/or online handles), your relevant experience, your 10 favorite Space Westerns (stories, novels, games, movies, etc.), and the answer to this question: What is a Space Western?

Babylon 5: Midnight on the Firing Line

posted by N.E. Lilly on January 26th, 2009

Almost a full year after the Babylon 5 pilot, the series premiered on this day, January 26th, 1994: “Midnight on the Firing Line” (on Hulu, with commercials).

When the Narn attack a Centauri colony, Londo and G’Kar nearly come to blows. Meanwhile, raiders are attacking transport ships near the station.

Notable quote:

Sinclair: We’ve had plenty of experience with sneak attacks. Pearl Harbor, the terrorist nuking of San Diego, the destruction of our first Mars colony. It’s a long and bloody history. Do you know what we learned from it? That the sneak attack is the first resort of a coward.


[P.S. Don’t post about events that happen after the show that we’re currently watching.]
[Next week’s episode: Soul Hunter]

Babylon 5 is open for business!

posted by N.E. Lilly on January 19th, 2009

If you haven’t watched the Babylon 5 pilot “Babylon 5: The Gathering” yet, then go do that now (on Hulu, with commercials).

It’s OK, I’ll wait…

The ambassador from Vorlon survives an attempted assassination soon after landing on the Babylon 5 space station. The hunt for a prime suspect turns up the unexpected.

I watched the original pilot when it first came on in 1993. Also premiering that year were Space Rangers, and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Your thoughts?

[Since some people are just being introduced to Babylon 5 through this rewatch, here’s a quick spoiler policy]

Don’t post about events that happen after the show that we’re currently watching.

[Next week’s episode, the season 1 premiere: Midnight on the Firing Line]

Babylon 5 Rewatch!

posted by N.E. Lilly on January 12th, 2009

Join me for a Babylon 5 rewatch!

Babylon 5 is coming up on the 15th year anniversary of the series launch. Watch all the episodes in order with me. Your assignment this week is to go out and watch the pilot movie “Babylon 5: The Gathering” (originally aired February 22nd, 1993). Next Monday (January 19th) a post will open for your comments. This will lead to the 15th anniversary of the series premiere, January 26th, 2009. We’ll continue posting on the original air dates until we’ve rewatched the entire series.

Drop a note in the comments if you’ll be participating.