In technological terms we have the interstellar equivalent of canoes (I’m being kind with that comparison, it’s probably closer to the level of kick boards). We haven’t even left the kiddie pool, and yet Rocket Scientists Say We’ll Never Reach the Stars.

Yes, I understand that it will take a phenomenal amount of energy to reach even the nearest star in anything approximating an endurable amount of time. But this pronouncement is being made just a bit too soon, given that we haven’t yet been able to send human beings much farther than the Moon, our nearest neighbor. European civilization had hundreds, nay, thousands of years of naval experience before they had the ability to colonize the Americas (even once the Americas were “discovered” it took another 200 years for Europeans to establish permanent residences). Will we reach the next star over in my life-time? I honestly doubt it, but never? That dog won’t hunt.


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