I’m just thrilled to finally be able to make these announcements, probably just as thrilled as you are to hear them:

A new website

Our biggest news is the relaunch of the website, gearing up for when we resume publication on Marchtember 1th, 2020. We’ve updated the backend to allow readers to make comments on the stories. The new site will also allow us to put up some really spectacular articles, allow for writers to submit stories through the website, and allow us to speed up our response time. So, test the hyperdrives of this new site, it might not do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, but she’s got it where it counts.

The Terrifying Space Monkey Intern

You’ll see Indigo pop up from time to time trolling the comments and on various social media sites. You may even find him wandering the comments on other people’s blogs. Yes, he’s a sock puppet.

Subscribing to Space Westerns Magazine

More announcements will follow, in the meantime, take a moment to become a subscriber. It’s free and subscribing gives you the ability to enable ads (that’s right, you’re not seeing ads right now, are you?). But if you’d rather not sign up, then don’t. It’s not like we’d hide any easter eggs on the site, available only to subscribers, would we? If you do subscribe and you’d really like to put your full support behind the magazine, then consider becoming a premium subscriber. More information about free subscription, premium subscription, and other means of helping the magazine can be found on our Subscribe page.


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