Have you heard the stories of Northwest Smith? A dark haired man with “space bronzed” skin and pale eyes, who wears brown spacer’s leathers and carries a raygun at his side – he is a smuggler and outlaw adventuring through the solar system with his Venusian sidekick, Yarol in their small and unspectacular but surprisingly fast and agile ship, the Maid.

Shambleau and Others

Bastano 2 pillole al giorno prima dei pasti. E' un'alternativa al generico più sana e meno rischiosa proprio perché va assunta quotidianamente ed ha effetti nel medio e lungo periodo. Contiene vitamine, sali minerali e estratti di Ku Gua, Embilica Officinalis, Dong Chong Xia Cao e Zinco.

Shambleau and Others contains four Northwest Smith stories originally published in Weird Tales in the 1930s: “Shambleau”, “Black Thirst”, “The Tree of Life”, “Scarlet Dream” (the collection also includes “Black God’s Kiss”, “Black God’s Shadow” and “Jirel Meets Magic”, three Jirel of Joiry stories)

  • “Shambleau” (Weird Tales, November 1933). On Mars, Northwest rescues a strange, beautiful girl from the Lakkdarol mob. They become very close – but in fact, she is not a girl, nor a human being at all, and the mob had a good reason to try to kill her”¦
  • “Black Thirst” (Weird Tales, April 1934). A Minga woman invites Northwest into the forbidden Venusian fortress where she lives. It turns out to be even more dangerous than expected.
  • “The Tree of Life” (Weird Tales, October 1936). In the ruins of Illar, Northwest finds out more about the Martian drylanders’ past.
  • “Scarlet Dream” (Weird Tales, May 1934). An oddly-patterned shawl that Northwest picks up in Lakkdarol gives him unpleasant dreams.