Further adventures of Northwest Smith. A dark haired man with “space bronzed” skin and pale eyes, who wears brown spacer’s leathers and carries a raygun at his side – he is a smuggler and outlaw adventuring through the solar system with his Venusian sidekick, Yarol in their small and unspectacular but surprisingly fast and agile ship, the Maid.

Northwest of Earth

Northwest of Earth contains five more stories originally published in Weird Tales in the 1930s: “Dust of Gods”, “Julhi”, “Lost Paradise”, “The Cold Gray God”, “Yvala”. The collection also includes “The Dark Land” and “Hellsgarde”, two Jirel of Joiry stories.

  • “Dust of Gods” (Weird Tales, August 1934). Northwest and Yarol take a job searching for the physical remnants of a dead god in northern Mars.
  • “Julhi” (Weird Tales, March 1935). Northwest takes a wrong turn in the ruins of Vonng, Venus.
  • “Lost Paradise” (Weird Tales, July 1936). A little old man with a big secret helps Northwest learn more about ancient Lunar history.
  • “The Cold Gray God” (Weird Tales, October 1935). In the polar city of Righa on Mars, Northwest meets a Venusian lady who isn’t quite herself.
  • “Yvala” (Weird Tales, February 1936). Northwest and Yarol go looking to capture slave-women on one of Jupiter’s moons and find out more about themselves.