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Category Archives: Electronic Frontier

Bat Durston, Strange Horizons

On the electronic frontier, my article “The Emancipation of Bat Durston” is now appearing on Strange Horizons. I began writing it shortly after launched in 2007, and it is just now seeing publication.

10 Greatest Sci-Fi Westerns by Topless Robot

Topless Robot has put up a list of the 10 greatest Sci-Fi Westerns. I disagree with some of their picks, but who am I to argue with their definitions, I put Alien on the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns list

The Bard, Bat Durston, and Thou

evilrooster on Live Journal hath treated our minds to two minor vignettes from Joss Whedon’s Serenity as if drawn from the pen of William Shakespeare. Verily, more of her, I do impeach!