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An Evening with Marian Call

Space Westerns Magazine is hosting an evening with Marian Call at Lucy’s Hat Shop at 7pm on October 15th, 2010 in Philadelphia as a part of her 49>50 tour—featuring humorous and moving original songs plus some creative and unexpected cover tunes.

Her 2008 album Got to Fly was commissioned by Quantum Mechanix, Inc.—friendly to all listeners, but especially for geeks. The songs are inspired by Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2003) and Battlestar Galactica (2004).

The private room at Lucy’s Hat Shop will be available beginning at 7pm and is a 21+ environment. Lucy’s Hat Shop is located at 247 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19106 (convenient to SEPTA: just a short distance from the #33 bus or from 2nd Street Station on the Market-Frankford Line).

Tickets are $15, $10 for students, seniors, military, disabled, or starving artist (honor system), available at

Marian Call delivers whimsical Alaskan folk funk for the Coffee Counter-Culture. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell & Regina Spektor raising the child of Jason Mraz & Erin McKeown. Call’s sound is always soulful, honest, and clever, loved by all types—computer geeks, church ladies, teenage thugs, NPR listeners, and urban hipsters worldwide. Marian is currently touring all 50 states and hopes to play for you soon — find more information at


Bat Durston, Strange Horizons


On the electronic frontier, my article “The Emancipation of Bat Durston” is now appearing on Strange Horizons. I began writing it shortly after launched in 2007, and it is just now seeing publication.

High Frontiers


For anyone who is at all interested in writing “Hard Science Fiction Space Travel stories” I highly recommend reading the blog of Charles Stross. I’m not saying that he’s right that people will never travel among the stars, I’m just saying that he brings up valid objections to space travel that should be addressed. Specifically you should read The myth of the starship and The High Frontier, Redux (including all the comments).

Gastropods: feeding the hungry

Mathematics of Hunger by Jason Andrew
I have to give credit to Jason Andrew for his predictive powers in “Mathematics of Hunger,” one of the first works of fiction to appear on We’re trying to solve the hunger crisis in Africa with Giant Snails.

Was the ‘Cowboy Universe’ Discovered?


FRY: Far out! So, there’s an infinite number of parallel universes?
FARNSWORTH: No, just the two.

An article appeared on New Scientist today: Mystery ‘dark flow’ extends towards edge of universe. Some scientists speculate that we may have a neighborverse.

10 Greatest Sci-Fi Westerns by Topless Robot

Topless Robot has put up a list of the 10 greatest Sci-Fi Westerns. I disagree with some of their picks, but who am I to argue with their definitions, I put Alien on the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns list

More Influential Space Westerns?

Since running the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns article I’ve been contacted about a number of other works that should probably be included on the list (if not in the top 10, then at least in the top 20). Works have been recommended such as Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love, and Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, as well as the movies Outland and Pitch Black, among others. So… if there were to be an expanded list of the Most Influential Space Westerns, which works would you nominate to be on it?

The Return of Fight Girl Battle World

Fight Girl Battle World will be returning to the stage July 14-18, 2009. Read the our review of the original performance in our Fight Girl Battle World Two-headed Review with Darrell Schweitzer and N.E. Lilly.

Highly recommended, tickets are on sale HERE.

The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

While the magazine has languished these past few months, we’re feeling much better.

We mean to clear out our old slush just as soon as we possibly can, and get back onto our weekly publishing schedule. To this end, we’re looking for a Deputy Editor, and an Art Scout. If you’re interested in one of these volunteer positions send an e-mail to the with the following information: your name (full, penname, and/or online handles), your relevant experience, your 10 favorite Space Westerns (stories, novels, games, movies, etc.), and the answer to this question: What is a Space Western? on a top 100

Distance Learning Net has just posted their list of the Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs. finds itself at #25. Yay!