Mark L. Van Name was gracious enough to set aside some time for an interview with after giving a reading of his new novel while at Balticon 41. — ed. N.E. Lilly

Mark L. Van Name is a science fiction and technology-industry writer who has published over a thousand computer-related articles and multiple science fiction stories. His stories have been included in multiple anthologies, including Year’s Best Science Fiction. His first novel, One Jump Ahead was made available in June 2007 and features an almost-classic Western duo: Jon Moore, a nanotech-enhanced solider-of-fortune, and Battlewagon Lobo, an A.I.-equipped intelligence and weapons platform of enormous destructive potential.

You can discover even more about Mark L. Van Name and his work at

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  1. [00:00] Introduction bt N.E. Lilly
  2. [00:51] How did you get into writing Science Fiction?
  3. [01:12] What was your first introduction to Space Western?
  4. [01:30] How would you define a Space Western?
  5. [02:30] What would you say the attraction to Space Westerns is?
  6. [03:18] The Other day you gave a reading for One Jump Ahead, which will appear on the Balticon Podcast, In One Jump Ahead were there any Space Western themes that came out in that?
  7. [04:51] What was the inspiration for writing One Jump Ahead?
  8. [06:01] Can you let me in on any exclusive information, unknown insights, or trade secrets?
  9. [06:50] What are your current projects?

Books & Stories by Mark L. Van Name

N.E. Lilly N.E. Lilly is the editor of When he isn’t reading submissions or indulging his love of the Space Western sub-genre, he’s developing websites for Science Fiction professionals and organizations through GreenTentacles.

Mark L. Van Name Mark L. Van Name is former Executive Vice President for Ziff-Davis Media, and the head of a technology assessment company in the Triangle. He’s authored or co-authored over a thousand computer-related articles and one technical book, co-founded the Sycamore Hill Writer’s Workshop, co-edited Intersections: The Sycamore Hill anthology, and has sold over a dozen SF short stories. His fiction has appeared in such places as Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, The Year’s Best Science Fiction (Ninth Edition), Jim Baen’s Universe, and multiple anthologies.

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