Tag?: John M. Whalen

Green River Rain

15 minute read

John Whalen brings us a tale set on the planet Tulon. Previous stories of his can be found at Raygun Revivaled. N.E. Lilly

SpaceWesterns.com First Year Writer’s Interviews

29 minute read

SpaceWesterns.com invited the writers who submitted original fiction in our first year to answer these 5 questions. — ed, N.E. Lilly

The Hard Deal

26 minute read

A young man plans revenge on a rich industrialist for the death of his father, but his plans go awry when he encounters an indigenous life form. — ed, N.E. Lilly

A Rage for Justice

20 minute read

John Whalen brings us another story in his Tulon setting. He asks the question, what’s a man to do when he finds a man that he has every reason to kill at the point of his gun?— ed, N.E. Lilly