This time last year

Science Fiction Trails Review, was the first review on It started out as an anthology edited by David B. Riley and has since become an annual magazine. I’d really like to see more people submit reviews of Space Western works. Check out The (Nearly) Complete List of Space Westerns to see works that I’d […]

This time last year… They Were the Wind

Oct 22nd, 2008

They Were the Wind, is another Byanntia tale by C.J. Henderson that was written as a response to environmentalism. In it we learn about previous inhabitants of the planet Byanntia, and get a new outlook on the old adage: “Leave nothing behind but your footprints.”

This time last year… No Right

Oct 28th, 2008

When I first read No Right, by Jens Rushing, I was confounded. I wasn’t expecting such a jump in the quality and style of his writing, compared to his earlier submission, How Beautiful the Herd on the Dark Matter Range.