[The Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy is held roughly once a month, with rotating hosts.]

Aside from the wealth of posts listed from The Hathor Legacy in Part II, I reviewed some of the older carnivals, and found that there were older posts on the topic that should probably be brought back out into the light.

1st Carnival at Written World

2nd Carnival at Pretty, Fizzy Paradise

4th Carnival at Shrub.com [mirrored at Alas, a Blog]

6th Carnival at The Hathor Legacy

9th Carnival at League of Substitute Superheroes

10th Carnival at Adventures in Lame

12th Carnival at Pen-Elayne

13th Carnival at Words from the Center, Words from the Edge

14th Carnival at Heroine Content

16th Carnival at The True Confessions of an Hourly Bookseller

19th Carnival at Girls Read Comics, and They’re Pissed

21st Carnival at Heroine Content

[This is Part III. Part I and Part II were published previously.]

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