Hawk Carse came to the frontiers of space when Saturn was the outpost planet, which was years before the swift Patrol ships brought Earth’s law and order to those vast regions…

Space Hawk

A collection of Hawk Carse stories that appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in the 1930s, co-written by Harry Bates and Desmond Hallunder under the pseudonym Anthony Gilmore, who were associate editors of the magazine at the time.

  • “Hawk Carse”, Astounding, November, 1931
  • “The Affair of the Brains”, Astounding, March, 1932
  • “The Bluff of the Hawk”, Astounding, May, 1932
  • “The Passing of Ku Sui”, Astounding, November, 1932

Boucher and McComas described the 1952 collection as “strongly commended to all connoisseurs of prose so outrageously bad as to reach its own kind of greatness.”.

P. Schuyler Miller described the stories as “space opera of the old, raw, gloves-off school [including] every cliche of the period,” concluding “Hawk Carse was so bad that he was almost good.”

Everett F. Bleiler characterized the series as “traditional pulp Western stories transplanted into space, with the addition of an Oriental villain in the mode of Sax Rohmer’s Dr. Fu-Manchu.”