Seeking reprieve from a painfully ordinary 9-to-5 existence, mild-mannered office worker Johnson takes a virtual adventure: he’s the notorious space pirate, Cobra, who fights lowlife scum by day and saves sultry space women by night. Accompanied by his android partner Lady Armaroid, Cobra fights the lowlife scum of the Pirate Guild by day and saves sultry sirens of space by night. Soon Johnson discovers his experience wasn’t a dream, but a reawakening of his buried past! With the most feared weapon in the universe, the Psycho Gun, Cobra sets out into the galaxy in pursuit of love, fortune and fame!


Cobra is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Buichi Terasawa. It was first published in 1977 in Shueisha’s Japanese shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump as a one-shot edition. It was later serialized, running from the November 6, 1978 issue to the November 12, 1984 issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump.

The Smoking Gun

Terasawa devised Cobra as a mix of spaghetti western and samurai stories, and aspects of films, varying from James Bond to Disney.