C.J. Henderson and Bruce Gehweiler

C.J. Henderson is the creator of the Jack Hagee hardboiled PI series and the Teddy London supernatural detective series as well as the author of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies, Black Sabbath: the Ozzy Osborne Years, and far too many others to mention here. He has written over 50 books and novels, hundreds of short stories and comics, thousands of non-fiction pieces and welcomes all your comments at www.cjhenderson.com.

Young as the Mountains

Jul 15th, 2007 (24 minute read)

C.J. Henderson brings us a second story set on the world of Byanntia, this time focusing on ex-Chief Bollatu of the Kuzzi. — ed. N.E. Lilly

The Hardest Glory—Part 2

Oct 21st, 2007 (31 minute read)

Bruce Gehweiler & C.J. Henderson bring us the conclusion of “The Hardest Glory” a two part story, set in the shared-world of Byanntia. — ed. N.E. Lilly