Matt Black is 2007 Chair of the Browncoat Ball, an annual roaming gathering of fans of the science fiction space western series Firefly and major motion picture Serenity created by Joss Whedon. This year the Browncoat Ball is being held in historic Philadelphia on the weekend of September 28th — ed. N.E. Lilly

Matt “Tequila Matt” Black has worked with various non-profit organizations coordinating a variety of fundraising activities, including an annual Halloween Haunted House. In the fandom community, he served as a chapter president and a committee member for an international conference of STARFLEET, the largest independent Star Trek fan club. He is an active member of the Pennsylvania Browncoats, a Firefly/Serenity fan organization. Matt has also worked with the former Galactic Entertainment coordinating fandom activities for conventions in Hawaii, Connecticut and Philadelphia.

More information about the Browncoat Ball can be found at

  1. [00:00] Introduction by N.E. Lilly
  2. [00:45] How did you get involved with the Browncoat Movement?
  3. [02:43] What was your first introduction to Space Westerns?
  4. [03:52] What was your first introduction to Firefly?
  5. [04:15] What is the attraction to Space Westerns?
  6. [04:58] What was the inspiration for hosting the Browncoat Ball in Philadelphia?
  7. [07:25] What is the Browncoat Ball?
  8. [08:01] What events will be happening during the weekend?
  9. [12:41] How can people register for the event?
  10. [13:45] What’s the most important piece of information about the event, right now?
  11. [14:05] Can you let me in on any exclusive information, unknown insights, or trade secrets?
  12. [15:05] What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Browncoat Bibles

Nathan E. Lilly is the editor-in-chief of and a man who wears many hats.

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