In July of 2006 I was lucky enough to have been invited by Sky Conway to the set of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men during shooting at the New Voyages studio in New York state. The result of my visit is this brief photo essay. — ed, N.E. Lilly

I drove all night from Eastern Pennsylvania to Upstate New York (on the border of Vermont), but the 7 hour drive was worth it.

The sets were built and maintained by James Cawley and the New Voyages crew. The production was directed by Tim Russ, and features professional actors the caliber of Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck, Gary Graham, and, Garrett Wang, among others familiar faces of the Trek franchise. Producer Sky Douglas Conway and Deep Space Nine freelance storywriters Jack Trevino and Ethan H. Calk wrote the story. Douglas Knapp was Director of photography. In addition, many artists in the field of makeup and lighting joined them.

On the road to the New Voyages studio I passed through Schenectady, home of the infamous post office box where Harlan Ellison gets his ideas.
Welcome to the village of Port Henry. A quiet, sleepy little town that harbors James Cawley and New Voyages.
I hadn’t realized that the studio was so close to Lake Champlain.
You wouldn’t realize that this nondescript little building would take you to the final frontier.
The crew began to arrive, but the building wasn’t open yet.
After a nice little breakfast at a local diner the studio opened and the day began.
The crew inspected the sets for the day.
Sets that needed it were touched up.
Crew members discussed upcoming scenes.
Changes to the script continued right up until the scenes were shot.
This is the very charismatic James Cawley. He was excessively patient.
I have many photos of James Cawley, but he was so active that most of them show him as just a blur.
Props were prepared.
Cast members congregated in the lounge and waited for shooting to begin.
Ears were applied to a Vulcan-to-be.
J.G. Hertzler: Klingon-in-progress.
Blue was applied to the Andorian make-up.
Gary Graham arrived.
Sky Conway arrived and immediately got to business.
J.G. Hertzler, Garrett Wang, and others lounging in the back room.
The lounge area shared space with a shuttle.
Tim Russ began discussing the days shooting.
Tim Russ setting up a shot.
Tim Russ and the writers discuss Garrett Wang’s character.
Deciding whether Garrett Wang’s hair looked better up or down.
Tim Russ inspects the transporter room.
New lines were delivered to Garrett Wang.
Walter Koenig arrives. This was my favorite photo from the entire weekend.
Nichelle Nichols arrives.
Walter Koenig and Sky Conway share a laugh.
Alan Ruck practicing his lines.
Garrett Wang in costume.
Garrett Wang was amazingly funny and open.
He’s using the communicator all wrong!
Cast and crew congregated in the open space between sets.
Preparing for the next scene.
Last minute repairs to a costume. The room was stifling and the crew attempted to keep the actors cool by directing fans at them.
The hours of prep pays off in a starship hallway.
Walter Koenig, Gary Graham, and Nichelle Nichols, between takes.
A Klingon, an Andorian, a Human, and a Romulan are standing at the side of the road (between takes late at night we started to get punchy).
We passed the time by reenacting Beatles album covers.
I took a few moments to myself just to be a geek on the transporter (like you wouldn’t have).
I took a few more moments at the Science Station.
The cast plus Sky Conway and James Cawley.

It was a phenomenal and life-changing two days. I feel lucky to have been included, if only as an observer, and to have been able to see the production progress from shooting to release. It was amazing to see what a group of dedicated people who share a common goal, and love of Star Trek, can accomplish.

I’d like to thank producer Sky Conway for inviting me to the shooting and Jason Cawley for playing host. I’d especially like to thank the crew of New Voyages who put in all the hard work of building and maintaining the sets.

For more information on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men visit the web site:

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