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An Evening with Marian Call

Space Westerns Magazine is hosting an evening with Marian Call at Lucy’s Hat Shop at 7pm on October 15th, 2010 in Philadelphia as a part of her 49>50 tour—featuring humorous and moving original songs plus some creative and unexpected cover tunes. Her 2008 album Got to Fly was commissioned by Quantum Mechanix, Inc.—friendly to all […]

Gastropods: feeding the hungry

I have to give credit to Jason Andrew for his predictive powers in “Mathematics of Hunger,” one of the first works of fiction to appear on We’re trying to solve the hunger crisis in Africa with Giant Snails.

More Influential Space Westerns?

Since running the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns article I’ve been contacted about a number of other works that should probably be included on the list (if not in the top 10, then at least in the top 20). Works have been recommended such as Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love, and Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars, […]

The Return of Fight Girl Battle World

Fight Girl Battle World will be returning to the stage July 14-18, 2009. Read the our review of the original performance in our Fight Girl Battle World Two-headed Review with Darrell Schweitzer and N.E. Lilly. Highly recommended, tickets are on sale HERE.

The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

While the magazine has languished these past few months, we’re feeling much better. We mean to clear out our old slush just as soon as we possibly can, and get back onto our weekly publishing schedule. To this end, we’re looking for a Deputy Editor, and an Art Scout. If you’re interested in one of […] on a top 100

Distance Learning Net has just posted their list of the Top 100 Science Fiction Blogs. finds itself at #25. Yay!

100 Space Western Features has published 100 articles, and we are proud to make “Kin” by Bruce McAllister that 100th article. We’ve also doubled our rates for fiction, articles, illustrations, and comics, and are still actively seeking audio and video content.

AMC’s SciFi Scanner “Site of the Week”

I’m pleased to announce that was recently featured in AMC’s SciFi Scanner Site of the Week. Traffic Report

I’m very pleased to announce that for a second month in a row has had high traffic. Personally I was expecting a big dip in the month of May, but the traffic didn’t fall-off nearly as much as I had anticipated. April: 20,279 page views/15,415 visits/13,529 unique visitors May: 17,012 page views/13,811 visits/12,023 unique […]

On SyFy Radio

I was interviewed on SyFy Portal’s SyFy Radio about The Battlestar Galactica Code: The Last Cylon article.