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Category Archives: This time last year

This time last year… Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back, is the second story appearing at by Ben Jonjak.

This time last year… Sundown on Venus

It wasn’t even a vaguely held notion in my mind that there would exist Space Western Music… until I was introduced to the concept album Sundown on Venus by The Jet Black Berries. A cover of the title song Sundown on Venus, was performed by The Atomic Swindlers, and we have it here for download.

This time last year… For the Good of the Settlement

For the Good of the Settlement, by Vonnie Winslow Crist, was only the second story that we’ve published that passes the Bechdel Rule (the first was Mathematics of Hunger, by Jason Andrew).

This time last year… Interview with “Tequila” Matt Black

Since I was involved with the 2007 Browncoat Ball in Philadelphia, I was able to obtain an Interview with “Tequila” Matt Black.

This time last year… Law of the Kuzzi

James Chambers is the third author to write a story set on Byanntia outside of C.J. Henderson & Bruce Gehweiler. His entry into the canon is Law of the Kuzzi.

This time last year… Green River Rain

Green River Rain, was John M. Whalen’s first submission to More examples of his Tulon stories have been published on Raygun Revival.

This time last year… No Right

When I first read No Right, by Jens Rushing, I was confounded. I wasn’t expecting such a jump in the quality and style of his writing, compared to his earlier submission, How Beautiful the Herd on the Dark Matter Range.

This time last year… They Were the Wind

They Were the Wind, is another Byanntia tale by C.J. Henderson that was written as a response to environmentalism. In it we learn about previous inhabitants of the planet Byanntia, and get a new outlook on the old adage: “Leave nothing behind but your footprints.”

This time last year… Interview with David Hartwell was barely a month old when we were thrilled find ourselves in an Interview with David G. Hartwell on the topic of Space Westerns.

This time last year… Mathematics of Hunger

Mathematics of Hunger, by Jason Andrew, is a classic Space Western tale of smugglers.