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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Bat Durston, Strange Horizons

On the electronic frontier, my article “The Emancipation of Bat Durston” is now appearing on Strange Horizons. I began writing it shortly after launched in 2007, and it is just now seeing publication.

High Frontiers

For anyone who is at all interested in writing “Hard Science Fiction Space Travel stories” I highly recommend reading the blog of Charles Stross. I’m not saying that he’s right that people will never travel among the stars, I’m just saying that he brings up valid objections to space travel that should be addressed. Specifically […]

Gastropods: feeding the hungry

I have to give credit to Jason Andrew for his predictive powers in “Mathematics of Hunger,” one of the first works of fiction to appear on We’re trying to solve the hunger crisis in Africa with Giant Snails.

Was the ‘Cowboy Universe’ Discovered?

FRY: Far out! So, there’s an infinite number of parallel universes? FARNSWORTH: No, just the two. An article appeared on New Scientist today: Mystery ‘dark flow’ extends towards edge of universe. Some scientists speculate that we may have a neighborverse.

10 Greatest Sci-Fi Westerns by Topless Robot

Topless Robot has put up a list of the 10 greatest Sci-Fi Westerns. I disagree with some of their picks, but who am I to argue with their definitions, I put Alien on the 10 Most Influential Space Westerns list