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Monthly Archives: August 2008

This time last year… Time of the Gr’nar

Time of the Gr’nar, by Bruce Gehweiler & C.J. Henderson, is the first story in the Byanntia series, and was published as a two part story.

It’s always science fiction…

In technological terms we have the interstellar equivalent of canoes (I’m being kind with that comparison, it’s probably closer to the level of kick boards). We haven’t even left the kiddie pool, and yet Rocket Scientists Say We’ll Never Reach the Stars. Yes, I understand that it will take a phenomenal amount of energy to […]

This time last year… Science Fiction Trails Review

Science Fiction Trails Review, was the first review on It started out as an anthology edited by David B. Riley and has since become an annual magazine. I’d really like to see more people submit reviews of Space Western works. Check out The (Nearly) Complete List of Space Westerns to see works that I’d […]

Dark Matter Trails

Using a powerful computer model, researchers discovered clumps and streams (trails even) of Dark Matter winding their way through the Milky Way.

This time last year… How Beautiful the Herd on the Dark Matter Range

How Beautiful the Herd on the Dark Matter Range was the first story submitted to by Jens Rushing. He later revised and expanded the story to receive an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest.

This time last year… Catskinner Sweet and the Twirling Teacups of Deadwood City

I was thrilled to have been able to republish Catskinner Sweet and the Twirling Teacups of Deadwood City, by James S. Dorr. The story originally appeared on Nuketown, back when it offered free fiction online.

Life on the Frontier

Two recent news stories have garnered my attention: The confirmation of of the hypothesis that there is water on Mars (and hence the potential for life) The report that Earth like planets should be quite common in the universe All I can say about that is: YeeHa!

This time last year… The Green Hills of Earth

The Green Hills of Earth, performed by X Minus One is based on a story by Robert Heinlein. I’ve been told that it’s a steamer tramp story, but it reminds me much more of Gene Autry vehicle (a saddle tramp in Spaaaaace).